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knock And

Once Jesus said, “Knock and the door will be opened to you” (Matthew 7:7c).

Here Jesus uses a symbol for that action a need produces. If someone needs anything from behind a door, the normal criteria is to knock and keep on knocking the door until it is opened and the need is met. This is what we teach you in our life coaching that a believer should pray faith for God’s provision and be determined in prayer.

Ask, seek, and knock there are three different sense of these words but here it is something else. Asking is something when a Christian opens up its mouth and petition God for his desires and needs. On the other hand, believers seek with their minds which is something more than asking. Knocking involves the physical movement or something a Christian physically do to make the God understand the need of his desire. The question arises how to knock on the door?

As the disciples of Jesus, we are here to coach you on how to reach God for your desires. We understand how hard it can be when you call out God for help and nothing happens. Don’t worry we will work with you to promote your petition to God through Biblical teachings. Our coaching will help you heal from fears, past hurts, grievances, and success failure and makes you closer to the God. We will work together to find out who you truly are and discover what God is planning for your new life.

As a true believer, we will coach you in creating Christ-centered goals and will guide you to lead your life as a servant of God which is the only relief to unhappiness, depression, no success, wrong relationships. Our training and expertise will help you to achieve success as they hold the word of God. You will be guided on the areas of life where you need improvement. We want to help all the believers to live a successful life and achieve goals within their Christian faith. We use the knowledge of Bible to spread love and faith in the humanity.