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Being Strong

Faith Growsand Love Increases

but NOT always in a straight line

Faith is a lived experience; as our lives change our faith-strength may change. Changes include surprise, disappointment, bewilderment; at times we feel we’ve lost faith altogether. Faith is assurance, trust, and confidence in God.If you have faith and want to have stronger faith then this site is for you,  If you had faith but neglected it, this site is for you, If your faith is threatened, this site is for you. You are invited to set a telephone appointment and have one conversation to see that faith coaching strengthen and develops your faith.

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What is Faith Coaching

Faith coaching provides tools to help people receive the gospel and move forward in faith, including: goal setting, listening, exploring options, asking questions, recognizing and eliminating obstacles, and offering encouragement. We are believers of Jesus who have been trained to listen. We ask just enough questions to clarify your thinking.

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